Alfred Ho (Associate Director, The Academy of Management Consultancy)
Mr. Alfred Ho has been working as a line manager, a human capital developer, and a change agent for over 30 years. In collaboration with HKPC, Alfred initiated the idea of forming the Knowledge Management Development Community back in early 2000. Holding an MBA as well as an M.Sc. in Information Systems, he stands in a 'balanced' position to visualize the benefits that the 'human' and the 'IT' approaches can contribute towards this new discipline, which is still taking shape. Since 1993, in the course of adapting the UK NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) system to Hong Kong, Alfred has been adopting competency-based approaches to help local organizations to develop their managers through in-house supports and external interventions.

Arthur Cheung (Senior Consultant, HKPC)
Mr. Arthur Cheung is the head of the New Media Unit of Hong Kong Productivity Council, targeting to develop and promote multimedia and digital entertainment industry in Hong Kong. One of his main responsibilities is to act as the e-learning Consultant and Project leader in designing, development and implementation of various e-learning projects with major corporations, e.g. KCRC, Housing Authority, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Civil Engineering Department of HKSAR. With 7 years of solid experience in various aspects of multimedia services, he has maintained equilibrium between state-of-art technology and visual communication.

Daisy Chou (Chairlady, Knowledge Management Development Centre)
Ms. Daisy Chou is the Chairlady of the Knowledge Management Development Centre, Ltd She holds a BBA and MSc in Statistics. She has many years of experience working in both the public and the private sectors, local and overseas on TQM, KM and Performance Measures. Daisy was a Director, Research and Knowledge Management of a research and consulting arm of The University of Hong Kong. She was also a Manager of Operational Excellence in Asia of Tyco Inc. and a Regional Manager on Performance Measures and certified as the 'Motorola Six Sigma Black Belt'.

Eric Chan (General Manager, Hutchison Global Communications)
Mr. Eric Chan is a Chartered Engineer (UK), a Chartered Marketer (UK), and is a General Manager of Hutchison Global Communications. He obtained his BSc.(Hons) and MBA from England. Eric is a seasoned executive with management experience in Engineering, Product, Marketing, business solution consultancy, and has pioneered KM projects in Hongkong since 1998. Eric was a Vice President at PCCW , the only Hongkong company awarded with the Asian MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise). At his current capacity as General Manager in Hutchison, he actively drives knowledge creation, sharing and collaboration amongst a workgroup of knowledge workers. Eric speaks frequently at international conferences on technology and knowledge management.

James Henri (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)
James Henri is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong. He is also the Program Director for the MSc[LIM] program. He has been employed as a library science educator for more than 25 years and has published over 200 papers, books and book chapters in the field. James is known internationally for his research in the area of information literacy. He is currently the Vice President of the International Association of School Librarianship and the Chair of the IFLA Section for School Libraries and Resource Centers.

K.P. Lau (Engineering Support/Design Manager)
Mr. Lau Kit Pong has 20 years experience in the construction industry. He is currently the Engineering Support/Design Manager of a well-known construction group and responsible for the application of the value-added technologies. Being a KM graduate and KMDC executive member, Mr. Lau would share his KM experience with the class.

M.K. Tse (Engineer)
Mr. Tse Mingkin has over 14 years of engineering experience. He has involved in two significant infrastructure construction projects in HK of which he found that knowledge transfer among project team members was a challenge. Being the KM Diploma graduate, Mr. Tse would share with the class how did he apply KM techniques to meet the challenge.

Michael Liang (Director, WiderWorld Company Limited)
Mr. Michael Liang has 10 years of IT and Management Consulting experiences in IT Strategy, Process Improvement, CRM Strategy, Knowledge Management and Applications Development projects from Canada and Hong Kong. He is the Founder and Director of WiderWorld Co. Ltd. and was previously with Deloitte Consulting and Nortel Networks in Canada. Michael is the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association (CMA) Youth Committee and an EXCO member of Knowledge Management Development Centre.

Nancy Ling (Managing Partner, KM Business Institute Limited)
Nancy has over 25 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Core Competency Model and Staff Transformation Program Development, Knowledge Management Practice Development and Implementation. At industry level, her experience covers Telecommunications & Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Management Consultancy, Property and Tertiary Education. In her previous capacity at PCCW, she masterminded the company's KM architecture, developed the KM strategy and spearheaded a number of KM initiatives at different business units. At present, Nancy is Advisor to the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Civil Service College of Singapore for their Master of Science (Knowledge Management) Degree Program, Advisor to the Boys¡¦ & Girls¡¦ Clubs Association of HK and Institute Associate of the Asia Pacific Institute of Business of the Chinese University of HK.

Philip Fung (Vice-Chairman, Knowledge Management Development Centre)
Mr. Philip Fung is the founding member of Knowledge Management Development Community. He is a practitioner and trainer in knowledge management and organizational learning practices. He was previously a Director of Human Resources and Knowledge Management at Bossini Enterprises Limited. Prior to this, he was the General Manager-TQM, Human Resources and Administration of Group Sense Limited (GSL).

Sam Chu (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Sam Chu is the program director for the Bachelor of Science program in Information Management at the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. He teaches records management, information behavior, knowledge management, research methods, information retrieval, digital libraries, and courses that involve usability engineering at the undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels.

Simon Yip (Consultant, HKPC)
Mr. Simon Yip is a Consultant in Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). He has over 8 years of experience in technology and management consulting in U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong, with focuses in Business Process Improvement, Knowledge Management, e-Learning, Customer Relationship Management, and Enterprise e-business Solutions. With his current role in HKPC, he is responsible for delivering consultancy projects in the areas of Business Process Improvement, Knowledge Management, and e-Learning. Before joining HKPC, he had worked as an IT Manager in the FMCG industry, and was a Technology Consultant at Accenture (a.k.a. Andersen Consulting) Toronto, and a CRM System Development Team Leader at Lucent Technologies Canada. He is also a certified ¡§Thinkertoys¡¨ trainer in creative business thinking.

Stanley Ng (Marketing Director, Breakthrough Ltd)
Mr. Stanley Ng, who has been in consumer marketing for over 15 years, is the Director of Marketing at Breakthrough Ltd - a multi-media organization in education and youth services. He has led and involved in a number of projects in Customer Relationship Management, covering strategic planning, billing, call center and customer service center management for blue chip companies in utilities, telecommunication and financial industries in Hong Kong. He was a Senior Consultant at HKPC, and was a Guest Lecturer at City University of Hong Kong for the part time MBA program.

Stephen Law (Managing Director, Strategic Systems Consultants Ltd.)
Mr. Stephen Law has over 25 years of experience in the software development and system management profession. He has held key positions in corporate MIS software development departments for several multi-national companies, specializing in corporate IT strategy formulation, long-term planning, budget management and outsourcing management. Over the years, Mr. Stephen Law has gained solid business application experience in banking, insurance, international trading, transportation and travel related services. Mr. Stephen Law has conducted similar lectures previously at the Hong Kong Productivity Council and has given talks on similar subjects to the Insurance Quality Club in Hong Kong and in other occasions. He has conducted research and consulting exercises for organizations in the areas of knowledge management and business intelligence.

Stephen So (Chief Inspector of Police, Service Quality Wing, Hong Kong Police Force)
Mr. Stephen SO is a Chief Inspector of Police, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Policing and Police Studies from Britain. He is currently attached to the Efficiency Studies Bureau of Service Quality Wing, responsible for implementing a Forcewide Knowledge Management Project. Being a graduate of the HKPC's KM diploma course as well as a KM practitioner, he will share his KM implementation experience with the class.

Trevor Lui (Senior Consultant, HKPC)
Mr. Trevor Lui has over 18 years of experience in business development and marketing. In the past 8 years, he has worked as a consultant to provide consultancy services in marketing, management and business development. With his current role in Hong Kong Productivity Council, he has provided consultancy services and conducted training on knowledge management, benchmarking, and customer relationship management. Mr. Trevor Lui and Asian Benchmarking Clearinghouse (ABC) have attained a very high reputation for knowledge management, benchmarking and customer relationship management.

Victor Leung (Marketing Manager of a public transport organisation in Hong Kong)
Dr. Victor Leung, an Exco Member of the Knowledge Management Development Centrre, is currently the Marketing Manager of a public transport organization in Hong Kong. He is a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Quality Management Association. His commitment in knowledge management makes him being speaker of various conferences and being an active participant in various knowledge management activities both in Hong Kong and overseas countries. With his more than 20 years of management experience, he has lectured marketing and management courses in many local institutions and universities.